Shorts with Ruffles and Pockets! Oh My!


Ok super nervous about the construction of these shorts. I am using leftover red trim from the Christmas Top in the last post and just some white poplin. Why am I nervous? In highschool as a wee 13 year old girl I had to sew a pair of shorts in Home Economics. I failed miserably. I sure hope I can do it this time. These shorts were made in my classes with my sewing teacher and honestly I was worried about them until the very last stitch. Even now my nerves on sewing shorts are still lurking. Maybe I need to attack another pair on my own to build my confidence. I have to admit I am super pleased with the result..

shorts- front view


Still scared of shorts though….

My first ever pattern!!

I bought my first ever pattern! And I have to admit, I am a little daunted by all the jibberish written all over it. I am sure it will all make sense eventually but right now it scares me! I am making a dress for my daughter out of Christmas fabric. Its a pillowcase style dress. McCalls M5797 view C.


I have cut and ironed the pattern (low dry heat), pinned it and cut the fabric…and


Today’s lesson: always look at the direction of your pattern before you pin and snip! Oh dear, I have little upside down snowmen and love hearts.

Ok, so now my Dress is a Top. Snowmen are the right side up. I will now be sewing view D (blushes red with embarrassment)

With the help of my new sewing teacher I was able to put together my very first piece of wearable clothing.
I am really pleased with the result.


Now that I have done that I have decided to tackle the dress- this time a bought fabric without direction (just to be on the safe side)
I was also pretty pleased with the dress, and even found a neat head band pattern ( ) and made some matching head bands to match.


Apologies for photo quality, the pics were taken on my phone, I will endeavor to use the camera from now on. But you get the idea.

Pretty happy with my efforts- next item will be shorts to match the top…

First entry- The Beginning.

I am a beginner sewer. I bought my first sewing machine years ago from the trading post for $40. I dabbled with it blindly over the years but never had a lot of confidence. I had made things like napkins and table runners, but my stitches were never very nice to look at and the corners were always a mess.

8 weeks ago I walked in to my local Fabric shop while my daughter was at Ballet in search of some Xmas fabric to make, yep, more napkins. I found the most adorable white holly print and took it to the counter. The lady behind the counter was so lovely, ‘What are you making?” she asked. I told her, alas, it was only napkins. I didn’t have a lot of confidence or knowledge when it came to sewing, but I enjoyed it all the same. Generally my machine only ever came out at Christmas to make new table linens. ‘Why don’t you book in for some lessons?’ Hey now- that’s an idea! after finding out that they were not as scary expensive as I thought they would be (the expense lies in the fabrics and patterns I realised later!) I signed myself up! Mondays would be my sewing days!

It was during my first lesson I discovered that I really did have absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing. Things I learnt..
I was not threading my machine correctly. Who knew that the thread went through the little curvy wire bit near the needle? And that the bobbin thread should spin clockwise? Not me it turns out. Well I do now!

I had also been filling my bobbin wrong, I didn’t know I could fill the bobbin WITHOUT the machines needle running a hundred miles an hour too!

The other clever little thing I learnt was that my machine had a thread cutter!! Who knew!!

Well, I did say I was a beginner…. now do you believe me? Thankfully my new sewing teacher, Karen, didn’t even flinch with my very obvious lack of knowledge. Gosh she is marvelous!

So basically this blog is to give me a bit of a gauge on my progress with skills and knowledge. If you happen to know a thing or two about sewing feel free to drop me a few tips. I am sure along the road I will do many many things wrong. But that is the fun of learning. I will post pictures of thing I make at home and in my classes. And I hope to be able to look back and marvel at my progress.



The napkins that started it all.

The napkins that started it all.



It took a few youtube videos before I worked out how to do these. Not the neatest, but then practice makes perfect.