2014…. 2014!

Wonder how many times this month I will write the date wrong. Who am I kidding, I had only just stopped writing 2012! So here we go with a new year, I spent this morning eyeing off the space that my Christmas tree is sitting in… wouldn’t that be a great space to set up a sewing table! I would love a dedicated sewing spacebut with such a large family in a relatively small house it just ain’t gonna happen.

I’m on to my second coffee of the day now. Its called procrastination. I am very good at it. Today I am going to pack away my Christmas decorations for another year and get myself organised for a fabulous new year.

This year I want to really build my confidence with sewing. I want to learn all the lingo and get comfortable with fabrics. I have had a peek into the blogging world and am amazed at all the talented ladies out there creating gorgeous garments. At the moment I am just happy that the couple of things I have made haven’t disintegrated in the wash! Winning!

I have shown you a couple of creations. The only other things I have made since were little tissue packet covers to put with the kids school teachers Christmas presents, which I found on this site.

I also gave this patten a crack,  it is super comfy and was my first attempt at making my own bias binding. I stumbled my way through and youtubed how to make bias binding because I seriously couldn’t wrap my head around it. It was time consuming to do without the fancy looking tool they all seemed to be using but the finished product has now been worn a few times. It was also the first go at doing Darts! Yay me 🙂 I also added a few buttons down the front because I think it needed it with the fabric I used.  It was the very first item I had ever sewn for myself. Here is a really terrible picture of it.

Ok I can’t delay the housework much longer. Next on the agenda for me sewing wise, I am going to make a skirt for Miss K at my sewing classes. I picked McCalls M6391. It says EASY on the pkt. I hope so. I will do view A. In pink of course- it’s Miss K’s favourite colour. I also bought some white trim for it. its washed and ready for my class on Monday. At home I am going to be attempting my first stretch project. I have never sewn with anything other than cotton or poplin. I am excited and nervous.

stay tuned!

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