My first attempt at Stretch! Yikes!

Talk about nerve wracking. Firstly, I got a scrap of stretch from my friendly local Fabric Shop. I bought myself some Ball Point needles for my trusty Elna and gave the stretch stitches a whirl. I wasn’t fussed on the Knit Stitch which my manual says should be the best stitch to use, not real sure if my tensions were wrong or if its the type of material but it seemed to keep missing a stitch, plus the machine was trying its hardest to eat the fabric! So I played with the other stitches as well. The Rick-rack Stretch stitch seemed to give me the nicest stitch with loads of stretch, it looks like its a stitch that uses a truck load of thread, but for now it will do the trick.

Next step was to cut out the pattern and assemble it and fold it down to my size. And give it a smooth over with the iron. I am using Kwik Sew K3710. It looks like a nice simple starter for stretch..


OK, now this is the part that I found harder than I thought I would, especially with such a long length of fabric. Laying the fabric out right sides together and getting a nice smooth, flat folded length with the grain running in the right direction. I really want to get this right. I would hate to have a beautiful finished garment, only to find that when worn the seams keep twisting around because its been cut off grain (we have all had tops or dresses do that at some point). A note to myself here.. must pay more attention to how I hang fabric on the line to dry when prewashing- I think they may have added to my troubles.


Next pining and cutting. Now I’m not too sure if it makes a whole lot of difference but I have heard that its easy to damage the fibres in stretch fabrics so I was careful to use most of my pins in the seam allowance and actually pulled a couple of cans from the pantry and used them as weights for my pattern so I didn’t use as many pins. Hopefully it was worth the effort.

Next to cut, my heart did a little flip at the first snip. I sure hope this works! I love this fabric! There.. done! pattern cut and ready to sew.

OK – started sewing, just did a try on and I am going to have to make some adjustments. It needs to be about 2 inches smaller at the bust. I can thank my voluptuous hips for that.  Also- I think I may have done the neck wrong but nothing too drastic. In fact I may have even done it right- who knows? Ah well I should be able to finish tomorrow, a cup of tea and bed for me right now…

night night

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