Stretch Maxi Dress complete!!!

So I did it, I finished my first stretch project. Am I 100% happy with it? No. But, I am pleased to a certain extent. I am still tossing up weather or not to unpick and restitch the neck line, it doesn’t sit perfectly flat and looks a bit uneven. But I think I might just leave it. Its my first go and it’s a good fit. It is light and floaty and perfect for a everyday throw-on dress for those busy school days of chauffeuring the kids here, there and everywhere. It’s just SO comfy! Things I would like to try for next time would be to use a double needle on the hem, I think it would look nicer. And I needed to take more time with the neck line. I am glad I tried the dress on halfway through sewing cause I would have been so disappointed with the fit if I had not of made adjustments to the size half way through. Plus the fabric choice- while I adore it, is wrong for a maxi- hence the belt. It just needs something to break it up a bit. The print is just too small.


2 thoughts on “Stretch Maxi Dress complete!!!

  1. Very nice! I am just going to start (again) with stretchy material. Last time I sewed something stretchy it was in the 70’s – hot pink pants, hipsters! I think this time some t-shirts and jogging pants might be a good start! Like your blog!

    • Thank you! It wasn’t as scary as I had thought with the stretch, although I am still sewing mostly wovens. I would like to have a crack at some funky leggings and shrugs or cardi’s. I have seen a few great makes in blogland. This blogging business is a lot of fun, I love that I can follow people all over the world and that they pop over to visit me too šŸ™‚

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