I pottered…

Ever had one of those days where you just kind of potter around the house, fussing with things? I did, I kind of floated from room to room just doing ‘stuff’. This afternoon I did the ironing which was only a couple of things so I ironed some of my fabrics that I will be using in my next sewing class, and pulled out a scrap of fabric that I had used at some point and forgotten about. It just happened to be enough to make a little pair of shorts for Master 2. I pulled out a pattern that I had recently purchased to make p.j’s (Newlook 6932)




I threw together these shorts in under an hour. I impressed myself. My seams line up beautifully and my little man happily put them on straight away. While they are just a plain cheap cotton, I think they will make great little Kindy shorts. I am no longer nervous about shorts. Hurrah!!



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