Sweet little summer dress.



I am almost really happy with this dress, it is such a sweet little print and really suits the simple lines in the dress. This is a See & Sew B5592 in view A.

It is also my very first attempt at putting in a zipper. On a whim I purchased a couple of zips to ‘have a go’. I had not intended to make a whole dress, but I had bought this pattern ages ago and I just happened to have this fabric that I had picked up at Spotlight for a bargain a while back. So a dress I made!

I am happy with the dress apart from two things:

1- I made this dress in a size 10 but really it should have been a size 8, Miss Katy was fast asleep in her bed when I stitched this one up so I never actually measured her. So to fix the gaping I clumsily put in two ‘growth darts’ under the back facing. I am sure I will get better at altering the ‘fit’ but for a first go I didn’t do too badly. Katy told me she thought they looked like ‘princess lines’. What a darling.

2- I am actually pretty proud of the zip, apart from the boo boo at the bottom it doesn’t look half bad. The colour doesn’t match at all, but I hadn’t really intended on making this dress.. it just kinda came together. And hey, Its a little girls dress so no big deal right?



The dress in action!!!


Even though it is a size 10, it still looks ok from the front

Even though it is a size 10, it still looks ok from the front





2 thoughts on “Sweet little summer dress.

  1. My daughter who is 9 1/2 yes old received a seeing machine for Christmas and this dress is the first thing she wants to make. I do not have much knowledge in dress making so I’m researching how to do this. Wish us luck!! Lol

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