Bit like a roller coaster ride

So here’s the thing. I have been sewing. The whole process is such a rush- from the moment I find the perfect fabric and couple it with the perfect pattern I have visions of what the finished product will look like, I cut into my fabric after carefully preparing and pinning, then mark it all up ready to sew. the machine starts whirring and a little smile hovers as I see the garment taking shape. I am only new at this so I tend to read and reread the instructions, I pin, I repin. It is exciting. I get little butterflies thinking about each process, I even get a little rush of adrenaline as I near the finished product. I sit back and smile looking at my creation with pride. It is exactly like riding a roller coaster. Its great! Fun and exciting!

But this time my roller coaster took a wrong turn, the last two things I have made I haven’t liked. A little Top that I have made for miss 8, and a Nighty for me. I had such high hopes for both of these. And I am so disappointed! I just want to roll them up into a ball and bury them in the garden. Ok ok, so maybe they aren’t SO terrible but they just are not what I wanted. The little Top has already found a new home (oh the fabric was so awful to work with!!), and the nighty is fine, nothing wrong with it. Perfect for sleeping in. I just think its BORING! Maybe that’s it, maybe I need to stop looking for all the ‘Quick and Easy’ patterns and more on to something more interesting. I haven’t really sewn much for me yet, I guess a bit of selfish sewing might be an idea too. Sewing for the kids is great, most times its just a straight size, no curves to work around- easy. But I think my sewing will benefit more if I practice for myself. My body shape right now is curvy with a capital C. I measure across 3 sizes in most patterns I have looked at. So I have been avoiding it altogether. Perhaps I need to shake it up a bit.

I think I know now that quality of fabric makes a big difference. I fell in love with the print for miss Ks top so much I ignored the feel of the fabric. It just frayed like mad as soon as I cut it until I zigzagged it, but by then my floors were covered (and still are if you look closely!) in little bits of awful fabric. It was just wrong wrong wrong. It had no drape either, so I just felt it made the fit look awkward. Bummer. I don’t have photos of it, I got rid of it as soon as it was finished. But you are not missing much.

I did take pics of my nighty though. Don’t know why- its pretty dull. I LOVED the fabric for this, and I still do, so light and floaty. I got it from Bargain Box.


Perfect for hot Queensland nights. I just wish I had found another pattern. One that’s not so shapeless. It just feels like a waste. But lesson learnt, I really need to consider each pattern carefully. Keep in mind my body shape and choose carefully. Well, anyway here it is…

my Ho Hum Nighty

my Ho Hum Nighty

I was happy with my neatness though

I was happy with my neatness though


It actually looks kind of ok in the photos, but don’t let that fool you. Its very boring in the flesh.
Back to the drawing board. Or should I say sewing table.

3 thoughts on “Bit like a roller coaster ride

  1. That is some beautiful finishing! I really do encourage you to try more difficult patterns. For children’s clothes, I suggest Oliver + S patterns. They have precious details and the instructions are top notch.

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