I am alive and well- and have been sewing like mad!

So honestly- What on earth happens to time?! I blink and months have past! Crikey!!
Wow I have so much to show you!! First and foremost- I have the absolute pleasure of sharing the news that I have two new sisters!! Two of my little brothers have gotten married since  I last posted. There really is nothing quite like beautiful weddings- especially when you adore those that are getting married.
And guess what!! I made the flower girls dresses!! And they turned out pretty ok!
Here is my Miss K in her dress. photo.php

kandrNot bad hey!?

Lets ignore the fact that I had previously unpicked a dress so much I had to throw it away and start again shall we? 😉

I had a love-hate relationship with these dresses, I had trouble deciphering some of the pattern and ended up ‘winging it’ a few times. And for the life of me I couldn’t get my ruffles and hem lines completely straight. Argh!! I also made a few changes to the dresses, they are sash-less, and on both of the dresses the sizing measurements were cut across a few sizes as it was fairly generous. The pattern is B4967 Butterick.
I have not used many Butterick patterns, and I found the dresses challenging, it is more from my lack of experience working with slippery and fine fabrics and my inability to understand some sewing terminology. But I still love the end results.


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