My hand quilted Double Wedding ring.

So in my last post you would have seen the dresses I made for a very special wedding. Well now let me show you the gift I gave the bride and groom. It is a hand quilted double wedding ring.



You can buy the pattern here. The quilt is made from fabrics chosen by the women of both sides of the family, making rings that represent both the bride and the groom, both family rings interlocking. Cute huh?

Naturally the quilt was quality tested by my supervisor Buddy the cat.


This quilt was a Quilt as you go pattern. I didn’t use a hoop, and struggled with finding a comfortable thimble
Hence my new callous on my finger




The back of the quilt is pretty as well.




So there you have it- I ADORED making this quilt, it was a labor of love from start to finish!



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