show and tell

Hey everyone, here is a wee bit of show and tell 🙂

I know it seems like ages ago already but I made a couple of Christmas quilts for my youngest two.

Christmas quilt for master M.

Christmas quilt for master M.

I love the cute fabrics in this one for Master M. I scrolled through a million pinterest images of quick and easy quilt ideas and stumbled across this one by Just Quilty. I had yardage rather than precuts but it was easy enough to recreate this design. It is just the right weight for a hot and humid Queensland Christmas.

Of course one Miss K saw this she HAD to have one too. I was reluctant to get fabric that was too ‘young’ for Miss K, after all she will be 10 years old soon. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a gorgeous Christmas Jelly roll and added my own fabrics to it. I also made a matching quilted pillow case, just because.811



My next project was a play mat for a nephew soon to arrive. I had chosen these fabrics ages ago with this purpose in mind and had seen this quilt at One last stitch, and just adjusted the measurements to suit the size I was after. I think it turned out super cute and is nice and soft for baby to roll around on.  828

That was my last project for 2014!!

My how time flies. I say it every year, but then the next year whizzes by just as quickly. Did you make any new years resolutions this year? Normally I have resolutions of saving all my money, losing all my cuddly (wobbly) bits and running a super efficient sparkly clean lifestyle all without a single glass of wine. This year I have been a bit more realistic (I hope). I pledged to resist the temptation of buying delicious new fabrics and work on all the projects I have already waiting for me. My stash has steadily grown with my sewing addiction and I am running out of room. 805

But ……..

So here I am half way through January with even more fabric (have decided to search for a larger storage solution instead). However I have successfully finished two quilts, a library bag and hosted a sew along for 9 eager children. I am well on the way to completing all the unfinished, yet to be started projects waiting patiently for me. 🙂

First finish for 2015. a gift for one of my brothers and his lovely wife.

First finish for 2015. a gift for one of my brothers and his lovely wife.



This was a pattern I saw in an Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, I have changed it slightly though.


Yes, this fabric is a recent purchase- but how could I NOT have it? Its perfect for Miss K’s Library bag 🙂


These are all the lovely kiddos I had come visit me to learn to sew a Fancy Pillow case. They all had a great day and their creations are awesome 🙂010

Well, that’s me for now, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New year. May your fabric be plentiful and your seam ripper gather dust. x