Hand Quilting

Here we are in a fast paced, instant, modern world. Crafters and seamstresses from days long gone had none of the modern day tools we use today, even fabric itself was scarce. They were thrifty and would sew out of necessity as well as for love. I find it all rather fascinating really.

It seems that quilting is a new and intense fascination of mine.  (I have a lot of quilting posts coming your way). Even my all time favourite author Jane Austen was a quilter!



(Image courtesy of here)
Why on earth would I even look at hand quilting you ask? Well truth be told, I looked into it purely because I wanted to give quilting a go but my little tiny Elna was not walking foot compatible. I laybyed myself a new machine that had lots of features but I knew it would take me ages to pay it off. Enter the art of hand quilting.

I began my journey, as I often do, with YouTube. I found a simple block and machine pieced a top together (I lost a few points, but I left them like that. I have learnt to love my imperfections). And I even used polyester (eeep!!!) for the sashing and binding because it was all I had in my stash.

I do not have a hoop (although I am hinting for one for mothers day) and my basting was done by what safety pins I already had in my kit. But still I went ahead and quilted, my stitches were big but fairly even. It is very very far from being a perfect quilt, but I do not care. I loved making this quilt so much. Curling up on my lounge of a night and quilting that sandwich together did good things to my soul. It was just so..peaceful.



This Hand Quilted lap quilt now sits on my Mothers lounge to keep her warm on cool nights while she reads or watches TV. She loves it and I loved making it for her.

Its been ages!!

Wowzers- its been so flippin long since Ive posted! I have been doing plenty of sewing but none for me! All gifts. And whats more.. I can only show you one because I havent ‘given’ the others to their new owners yet!

Meet the Rag Quilt. Its my first go at quilting. I have always adored quilts. They are precious keepsakes that wrap you up in the love they were made with.


This quilt was made with cotton squares 6″ x 6″ and cotton batting cut at 5″ x5″. Its ragged up nicely in the first wash. I was so pleased!!! Now I just have to give the other gifts to their new homes so I can show you my other pretties!


Jungle January- Just made it!!

So its the last day of January! I have really wanted to join in the Jungle January fun.  And right at the very end of January I found the perfect fabric! So here is my Jungle January….


This dress is NewLook 6889 in version A. The only change I made was to the length, which I made a tad shorter. And I added a sash. There are no fastenings to this dress and its a nice comfortable fit. Easy as pie and the red leopard print is just plain AWESOME!

What else have I been up to you ask? Well, its the middle of a Queensland summer- so I’ve been crocheting a scarf! I know it makes absolutely no sense, but on a stinking hot day- I love to switch on the old clunky air conditioner to freezing and start crocheting. I am not the best crocheter yet either but I am happy to give it a whirl. Here is my no pattern scarf. Its basically just a row of chain stitches to the width you want then an alternating double crochet and chain stitch until you get to the length you want and then add some tassels! Easy as pie! This one is made on a large hook with nice soft and chunky yarn. It will look great with a pair of jeans when winter eventually rolls around.


Now that the first week back at school is done and dusted and the family is getting back into the ‘school routine’ I am hoping for more time with my beloved sewing machine. I have itchy fingers after receiving some new patterns in the mail this week from the lovely Valerie at Valerie’s own sewing blog. Plus a few more ‘must makes’ floating about in my head. If only there were more hours in the day! 🙂

It’s all happening here!!

Hello lovelies!

Wow have I had an awesome couple of days. My last post was a little bit sooky. That’s allowed, I’m sure it is. As soon as I had posted it I jumped across to my Bloglovin feed to see what all of you were doing. I love being able to admire the work of others. I jumped on to Valorie’s own sewing blog to see if she had drawn the lucky winner of her January Giveaway. She had- It was me!!!! Selfish sewing here I come! I am so excited to get started on the lovely patterns that will be coming my way. How’s that for timing too? Just the cheering up I needed.
But wait! There’s more! I was scrolling through some local garage sale sites over coffee on the weekend and found a pre-loved Horn Sewing Cabinet going for a steal! Oh happy days! Here is my lovely new cabinet, all open and ready for me to use.


My ‘new to me’ Horn Sewing Cabinet. Isn’t she beaut! ❤

Of course as soon as I had her home I needed to put her to use.  I pulled out Newlook 6932 and made my littlest man some summer jarmies for our incredibly hot weather. He is pretty happy with them. He happens to be a big Mickey Mouse fan.

001 007

I have also finished the M6391 I have been working on for the Princess.


This pattern called for pre-gathered lace for the layer between the two ruffles. The lace I bought was not long enough (bugger) so I had to alter the length of the second ruffle by about 3/4 inch. The skirt layers would have looked even nicer had I bought a wider pre-gathered lace. But I still think it is a cute skirt. I added a matching lace trim and threaded some pink ribbon through for the top of the ruffles. Looking at it now I am wondering if some trim on the hem of the lower ruffle might look better.

025 015

How cute is the Gingham. I really think Gingham is so under rated. It always looks so sweet.

Now what to make next…

Bit like a roller coaster ride

So here’s the thing. I have been sewing. The whole process is such a rush- from the moment I find the perfect fabric and couple it with the perfect pattern I have visions of what the finished product will look like, I cut into my fabric after carefully preparing and pinning, then mark it all up ready to sew. the machine starts whirring and a little smile hovers as I see the garment taking shape. I am only new at this so I tend to read and reread the instructions, I pin, I repin. It is exciting. I get little butterflies thinking about each process, I even get a little rush of adrenaline as I near the finished product. I sit back and smile looking at my creation with pride. It is exactly like riding a roller coaster. Its great! Fun and exciting!

But this time my roller coaster took a wrong turn, the last two things I have made I haven’t liked. A little Top that I have made for miss 8, and a Nighty for me. I had such high hopes for both of these. And I am so disappointed! I just want to roll them up into a ball and bury them in the garden. Ok ok, so maybe they aren’t SO terrible but they just are not what I wanted. The little Top has already found a new home (oh the fabric was so awful to work with!!), and the nighty is fine, nothing wrong with it. Perfect for sleeping in. I just think its BORING! Maybe that’s it, maybe I need to stop looking for all the ‘Quick and Easy’ patterns and more on to something more interesting. I haven’t really sewn much for me yet, I guess a bit of selfish sewing might be an idea too. Sewing for the kids is great, most times its just a straight size, no curves to work around- easy. But I think my sewing will benefit more if I practice for myself. My body shape right now is curvy with a capital C. I measure across 3 sizes in most patterns I have looked at. So I have been avoiding it altogether. Perhaps I need to shake it up a bit.

I think I know now that quality of fabric makes a big difference. I fell in love with the print for miss Ks top so much I ignored the feel of the fabric. It just frayed like mad as soon as I cut it until I zigzagged it, but by then my floors were covered (and still are if you look closely!) in little bits of awful fabric. It was just wrong wrong wrong. It had no drape either, so I just felt it made the fit look awkward. Bummer. I don’t have photos of it, I got rid of it as soon as it was finished. But you are not missing much.

I did take pics of my nighty though. Don’t know why- its pretty dull. I LOVED the fabric for this, and I still do, so light and floaty. I got it from Bargain Box.


Perfect for hot Queensland nights. I just wish I had found another pattern. One that’s not so shapeless. It just feels like a waste. But lesson learnt, I really need to consider each pattern carefully. Keep in mind my body shape and choose carefully. Well, anyway here it is…

my Ho Hum Nighty

my Ho Hum Nighty

I was happy with my neatness though

I was happy with my neatness though


It actually looks kind of ok in the photos, but don’t let that fool you. Its very boring in the flesh.
Back to the drawing board. Or should I say sewing table.

And THIS is why I love to sew


Pure joy and delight. My little girl dancing in her new dress. I love the simplicity and sweetness of this dress. It was cut on a size 8 but could have gone smaller as I have had to make adjustments (I really do need to learn how to do that part properly) to the back. And there is still a bit of room there, but that is the beauty of children’s clothing, in a few weeks it will be perfect!

I am still pretty in love with the dress itself, and light crisp cotton in simple polka dots are just perfect.
And bubba girl thinks it pretty spesh.
014 I think this will become one of those Go To patterns. Quick easy and cute.
(see & sew B5592)

Sweet little summer dress.



I am almost really happy with this dress, it is such a sweet little print and really suits the simple lines in the dress. This is a See & Sew B5592 in view A.

It is also my very first attempt at putting in a zipper. On a whim I purchased a couple of zips to ‘have a go’. I had not intended to make a whole dress, but I had bought this pattern ages ago and I just happened to have this fabric that I had picked up at Spotlight for a bargain a while back. So a dress I made!

I am happy with the dress apart from two things:

1- I made this dress in a size 10 but really it should have been a size 8, Miss Katy was fast asleep in her bed when I stitched this one up so I never actually measured her. So to fix the gaping I clumsily put in two ‘growth darts’ under the back facing. I am sure I will get better at altering the ‘fit’ but for a first go I didn’t do too badly. Katy told me she thought they looked like ‘princess lines’. What a darling.

2- I am actually pretty proud of the zip, apart from the boo boo at the bottom it doesn’t look half bad. The colour doesn’t match at all, but I hadn’t really intended on making this dress.. it just kinda came together. And hey, Its a little girls dress so no big deal right?



The dress in action!!!


Even though it is a size 10, it still looks ok from the front

Even though it is a size 10, it still looks ok from the front





Sewing Class Project

Bit of an update on the next pretty little number I am making at my sewing class with the lovely Karen at Bargain Box Fabrics. You can follow Bargain box  on facebook by following this link (  https://www.facebook.com/bargainboxfabrics?fref=ts  )
I am making my little princess a pretty pink gingham skirt using view A of McCalls M6391


I had a lot of fun on Monday with some lovely ladies. Plus I even got my first practice run with an overlocker! I had never used one before but I tell you what- I love it!! It looks amazing, I know my machine does the job with its simple zig zag, but holy smokes, the overlocker makes even my feeble attempt at sewing look professional!! I am looking forward to this skirt, I really think my Princess Fabulous will love it. Can’t wait to show you 🙂

I pottered…

Ever had one of those days where you just kind of potter around the house, fussing with things? I did, I kind of floated from room to room just doing ‘stuff’. This afternoon I did the ironing which was only a couple of things so I ironed some of my fabrics that I will be using in my next sewing class, and pulled out a scrap of fabric that I had used at some point and forgotten about. It just happened to be enough to make a little pair of shorts for Master 2. I pulled out a pattern that I had recently purchased to make p.j’s (Newlook 6932)




I threw together these shorts in under an hour. I impressed myself. My seams line up beautifully and my little man happily put them on straight away. While they are just a plain cheap cotton, I think they will make great little Kindy shorts. I am no longer nervous about shorts. Hurrah!!



Stretch Maxi Dress complete!!!

So I did it, I finished my first stretch project. Am I 100% happy with it? No. But, I am pleased to a certain extent. I am still tossing up weather or not to unpick and restitch the neck line, it doesn’t sit perfectly flat and looks a bit uneven. But I think I might just leave it. Its my first go and it’s a good fit. It is light and floaty and perfect for a everyday throw-on dress for those busy school days of chauffeuring the kids here, there and everywhere. It’s just SO comfy! Things I would like to try for next time would be to use a double needle on the hem, I think it would look nicer. And I needed to take more time with the neck line. I am glad I tried the dress on halfway through sewing cause I would have been so disappointed with the fit if I had not of made adjustments to the size half way through. Plus the fabric choice- while I adore it, is wrong for a maxi- hence the belt. It just needs something to break it up a bit. The print is just too small.