My first ever pattern!!

I bought my first ever pattern! And I have to admit, I am a little daunted by all the jibberish written all over it. I am sure it will all make sense eventually but right now it scares me! I am making a dress for my daughter out of Christmas fabric. Its a pillowcase style dress. McCalls M5797 view C.


I have cut and ironed the pattern (low dry heat), pinned it and cut the fabric…and


Today’s lesson: always look at the direction of your pattern before you pin and snip! Oh dear, I have little upside down snowmen and love hearts.

Ok, so now my Dress is a Top. Snowmen are the right side up. I will now be sewing view D (blushes red with embarrassment)

With the help of my new sewing teacher I was able to put together my very first piece of wearable clothing.
I am really pleased with the result.


Now that I have done that I have decided to tackle the dress- this time a bought fabric without direction (just to be on the safe side)
I was also pretty pleased with the dress, and even found a neat head band pattern ( ) and made some matching head bands to match.


Apologies for photo quality, the pics were taken on my phone, I will endeavor to use the camera from now on. But you get the idea.

Pretty happy with my efforts- next item will be shorts to match the top…

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